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Софтуер >> 20.02.2003г. - 09:47ч. >> PeterS | Коментари (0) | Shortcut

Driver Studio 3.0 Beta1

Just to let everyone know, we released Beta 1 of our new DriverStudio 3.0 yesterday.

We added a new debugger which we call Visual SoftICE - it's a complete
redesign from ground up, with a portable architecture, a small target
footprint, and a master-target orientation with a host-side GUI. This new
debugger works on x86, IA64 and AMD 64-bit target platforms. Its command set is compatible with the existing SoftICE, which is also provided in the package. We added new commands to SoftICE, and USB 2.0 support, as well as the ability to step into a SYSENTER instruction. The host side GUI is now an integrated environment with configurable pads and pages, context-sensitive menus and toolbars, integrated remote configurator and target browser, and all that good jazz. It also integrates the host-side access to BoundsChecker, TrueTime and TrueCoverage: it's a one-stop shop. Remote Visual SoftICE support includes standard TCP/IP networks as well as USB and Firewire, and Serial. Our new Target Selector works on the host side and allows connecting to any DriverStudio target that's visible over the intranet. We also support most of our tools running within the MSVC.NET shell, so that you can use it as an integrated development environment, all the way from DriverWorks to TrueTime. Our DriverWorks includes new samples for USB 2.0, AVStream, Firewire, cancel-safe queues, and more, as well as full integration under MSVC.NET (But don't panic ! We use the DDK compiler and linker, even within the MSVC.NET shell.) We have a new TrueCoverage that acts on driver binaries - no need to have the source code, no need to recompile the driver with instrumentation, and this TrueCoverage also produces 2D and 3D flowgraphs of the software being analyzed - you don't need symbols or source code, but if you have them, TrueCoverage will take advantage of it. We also added a fair amount of graphics driver support to TrueTime, including DirectDraw and Direct3D monitoring, and breaking BitBlts
down into ROPs: it's cool to run Winbench with TrueTime on, and see what's going on inside the system! I wish I had that when I did graphics drivers for a living. We added DMA monitoring to our BoundsChecker, and an API to let you drive event monitoring from inside your driver. We added a Symbol Retriever to help getting symbols out of symbol servers, a WDM Sniffer, a live BoundsChecker Monitor that can trap errors and package up and email diagnostic information from a remote site to a developers' site, a WDM Checker, and more.

1. Не става ясно за кои Yesterday става дума.
2. Очевидно NuMega/CompuWare ни готвят големи нововъведения да не кажа революцонни.
3. Поддръжка на 64-битови платформи - интересно.. много интересно даже има и неизлязла за момента (АМД 64).
4. Яка поддръжка на .Net
5. Поддръжка на DX (!!!) - писачите на игри би трябвало да са щасливи
6. И много други - четете внимателно


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