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Любопитно >> 08.04.2005г. - 13:49ч. >> yahoo | Коментари (33) | Shortcut

Какво мислят по света за нашата чалга ( Вива Милко Кавалджиев!!!)

1. chalga
Very shity music made by Bulgarian low-inteligent musiciants adicted to low-quality alcohol and preformed by guipsies and retarded whors(most often blond).The lyrics are cheesy and doesn't ring any bells...at all
(translation of a chalga lyr)
Oh bathroom,oh joy
the village bathroom is the greatest joy!

2. chalga
A ganre in bulgarian music loosely based on bulgarian, greek and turkish folk music with some pop elements thrown in. The music and lyrics are usually of very low quallity. The performers are usually women that dress like whores as mentioned in the previous definition. However most of them are very good singers and work really hard, giving live performances 3-5 times a week.
(translated lyrics example)

...and don't say words of love to me,
I most love the wisper of money...

3. chalga
People meet together and drink alchohol called melodious - rakia. The rakia make from bad people - joy people, then they like to sing a song....the result is chalga music.
I like rakia, I like dance "cucek roll break on"=
Evrebody like chalga.
100 kilos rakidjos i give,
100 kilos rakidjos i give,
100 kilos rakidjos i give,
only for the holy molly,
i want you be mine.
....god bless Todor Kolev ...ashconsul

4. chalga
The sweetest cool new sound to take over Europe and than Amerika. It is a sleeping giant and the most clever music production companies are masively investing in this beat. Lyrics are simple but with a deep wisdom not easily available to grasp to the shalow brains. the more you listen the more you hear.
ohhhh tiger tiger
do you have some hard cash (not benjamins)
if you have hard cash you will have pretty ladies
no money all you can afford all grandmothers

the lyrics retrospectively very correctly predicted the raise and power of the asian tiger economies ( exmple china) establishment of the new capitalistic structures, the total rule of capital, devaluation of the dollar, and the correct assesment of female phycology. What more a song could deliver

5. chalga
Pure ambrosia for the soul. Lovely bulgarian music, unique in character, deeply rooted in traditional Bulgarian folklore. Highly recommended!
A carnivorous hyena enters the Bulgarian parliament,
Driven and motivated, she is let down by insidious senators.


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